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What are the ingredients for a good, romantic honeymoon?

Locating a good place, according to your tastes and needs, is surely the priority. If some couples decide to opt for a place with wilderness, and losing themselves in tropical forests, where resonates the echo of wild animals like monkeys or lions, Tanzania offers surely a thrilling honeymoon trip!

But how to make of this trip a lasting moment in your memories and revive the unity experienced?

Taking stunning pictures that will keep on feeding your dreams is not easy but is essential.

African wanders will help you preparing for your travel by giving you tips and advice before your booking and which kind of package to choose, suiting your dreams, how, where  and when to make pictures that will stick in your memory.

Arusha Park is indeed known for its abundance of tropical birds like…. With over four hundred different species in this relatively small park, you can easily spot them as you drive through the tropical rainforest!

Often the lakes of the park are filled with thousands and thousands of flamingos, including the rare Greater Flamingo. This amazing view of pinked-color flamingos flying away with the blue of the sky mixed with the yellowish beams of the sun will create a dazzling memory. The drive with your guide will give you ample opportunities to do photoshoots.

Photo African wanders

Now, to be a good photographer goes through working first on pushing the boundaries of your imagination and creativity

With the immensity of the sceneries and unknown experiences with fauna that you will meet very close, try to imagine in your mind what is coming next from Giraffes that are walking past you on their stilts, elephants trumpeting, or from a troop of baboons!

Photo African wanders

Then you will be able to capture moments that are unique. Most of tourists are just unable to appreciate the uniqueness of what they see and even less make valuable pictures! So we would recommend you being prepared by visualizing great pictures published online from Arusha park. This will help you then in making unique pictures!

For instance, before your travel, if you go on Gettyimages or Istockphoto, you will be able to make your appetite grow for your travel, anticipate moments by seeing artistic shots from professionals or good amateurs that will prepare you emotionally for your trip by putting you in the ambiance!

Getting in the ambiance before the travel will provide some excitement that will make your honeymoon even more unique.

And the choice of the  package with the right location of an accommodation, close to certain type of animals or spots is very important as it will help making the pictures you dream about. Some location are close to the Mount Meru waterfalls and will take to take more pictures of monkeys, gorillas, baboons, while some  accommodations would take you closer to elephants and lions!

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Photo African wanders

Photo African wanders

Some photographers like better capture moments with monkeys, playing around. Arusha-park is known as the home of the Colobus monkey, which you can recognize by its long tail. The name comes from its blunt thumb: Colobus is from the Greek colobos, which means stump. It is a rare monkey and therefore one of the reasons to visit the park.

Some others prefer cheetahs!  Once on the spot, it will be thrilling under the protection of your guard, searching for them.

Others prefer the Edenic views of waterfalls in the park! They are immersed in mountains and grassy areas where lie some volcano craters.

The Meru waterfalls are part of the Meru conservation park. You will have to hike to reach them. During the hike you will partly walkthrough dense mountain rainforest on the east side of the Meru volcano massif.

True most of the photographers use a series of technics to embellish their pictures but that’s what you should look for to make your honeymoon time look like a dream and make it last forever!

That’s what made Hollywood with many movies relating couples in Africa like the notorious Out of Africa, Hatari. Hatari dates back to 1962 and was filmed on location in Northern Tanganyika (in what is now Tanzania).

From the comfort of your home, make your own cinema and let yourself be transported over there, before and after your travel.

On your return, to make the romance last, we would advise you to take a photography course, including photoshop, that will help you to redesign your pictures to make them fit your fantasies and make the romance last forever!

In the next article, we will go to Zanzibar and its beaches and explore the tour over there that African wanders offer.

Photo African wanders